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Murray Sigler nominated as Liberal candidate in Calgary Confederation

A notice on the Liberal Party of Canada website today noted that Murray Sigler has been acclaimed as the party’s candidate in Calgary-Confederation. Sigler is a well-known name in corporate Calgary, with a career stringing back to his days as a senior vice-president of Pacific Western Airlines and President of Canadian Airlines.

Most recently he completed a year as the interim CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, a role he filled on a permanent basis from 2002 to 2005 before his appointment as managing Director of the Alberta Government’s trade office in London, UK.

He worked as CEO of Sport Calgary from 2013 to 2019.

Sigler currently serves on the board of directors of the Calgary Airport Authority and the exclusive private Glencoe Club.

He led the Conservative caucus in the 1967 Calgary Model Parliament and donated $500 to the Alberta Party in 2017. He endorsed Alberta Party MLA Greg Clark in his bid for re-election in Calgary-Elbow in 2019.

Past provincial Liberal candidate David Gamble had previously announced his plans to seek the nomination.

Len Webber

Calgary-Confederation is currently represented by Conservative Member of Parliament Len Webber, who has been nominated by his party to run in the next election.

Webber was first elected to the House of Commons in 2015 with a narrow margin, finishing 1,586 voted ahead of Liberal Matt Grant, but was re-elected with a much wider margin 21,404 votes ahead of Liberal Jordan Stein in 2019.

Webber previously served as the Progressive Conservative MLA for Calgary-Foothills from 2004 until 2014, when he sat as an Independent. His father, Neil Webber, served as the PC MLA for Calgary-Bow from 1975 to 1989 and founded the Webber Academy private school in 1997.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is widely expected to be preparing to call an election this summer. Trudeau will be visiting Calgary tomorrow.

3 replies on “Murray Sigler nominated as Liberal candidate in Calgary Confederation”

Congratulations Murray! Glad you are running for the liberals in Calgary. We are lucky to have you representing us and I will vote for you!

Dear Murray:

Congratulations on running in the Federal Election Murray. I don’t support the Liberals anymore but I would vote for you if I lived in Calgary Confederation and I will make a donation to your campaign. You’ll make a great MP.

Best to Judy.

Tim Davis

Jason Kenny is handling the COVID19 Vaccine Campaign miserably; probably the worst in the country. The National Conservative Political leader refuses to get his campaign Constituency Candidates and workers all vaccinated against this wild, most easily spreader disease, that is mutating constantly and killing unvaccinated Canadians by the thousands, thereby perpetuating an everlasting pandemic that is now attacking and killing vaccinated vulnerable people. How much more ridiculous could Conservative politicians be? Every Canadian Resident/Student needs to be vaccinated with their 2 shots, to protect all of us. There is no ifs, and’s or buts in this manner. I find the Conservative Party very disgusting on this primary issue of protecting the lives of Canadians, especially innocent Canadians who are vaccinated with their 2 shots and are now vulnerable to the unvaccinated “freedom ignorant ” who are perpetuating new strains of this disease and causing innocent vaccinated people to suffer, with a few even dying. Prime Minister Trudeau has gone out of his way to make every effort to help the Provinces overcome this pandemic; but Kenny and O’Toole seam to not care about the lives of innocent Canadians. Now our Hospital Workers including our highly trained doctors, nurses and caregivers are being attacked while they are trying to protect the lives of unvaccinated freedom fools who Kenny supports! What’s This Foolishness!
Why would anyone support such positions being perpetuated by Conservative Governments across our country?

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