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NDP and UCP nearly tied in 2020 third quarter fundraising

The results of political party fundraising for the third quarter of 2020 have been released by Elections Alberta.

The province’s two major political parties were nearly tied in fundraising between July and September, with the United Conservative Party raising $1,199,941.32 and the New Democratic Party raising $1,126,580.38.

This is a rebound for the UCP, which raised only $642,677 in the second quarter of 2020, compared to $1,032,796.85 for the NDP in that period. The UCP responded to last quarter’s fundraising totals by explaining that they had dialled back their fundraising pitches during the beginning of the pandemic.

The UCP continues to rely more heavily on larger donations, with 80 per cent of this quarter’s contributions coming in sums larger than $250. The NDP continue to collect a large number of donations in smaller sums, with 47 per cent of donations is sums smaller than $250.

These results suggest that Alberta’s two major political parties remain financially viable and competitive.

Here is what the political parties raised during the third quarter of 2020:

  • UCP $1,199,941.32
  • NDP $1,126,580.38
  • Alberta Party $35,654.25
  • Wildrose Independence Party $28,717.00
  • Liberal Party $17,026.78
  • Green Party  $1,505.00
  • Independence Party – $1,215.00
  • Alberta Advantage Party – $907.00

The Communist Party, Pro-Life Alberta Political Association, and Reform Party of Alberta reported no donations during this period.

The maximum annual donation to political parties was increased to $4,243 from $4.000 as of January 1, 2020.

2 replies on “NDP and UCP nearly tied in 2020 third quarter fundraising”

Just where is the premier of Alberta’s donors list? How come it isn’t there for the people of Alberta to see? The UCP pulled an undemocratic stunt, by allowing corporate donations to political parties in Alberta. This was after the NDP did the smart move of outlawing union and corporate donations to political parties in the province of Alberta. Where are the UCP getting their political donations from?

It has got to be a bad sign for the UCP that the fundraising race remains so close. The UCP corporate tax cuts and similar measures that benefited the wealthy should have helped them dominate much more. I suspect even some of their better off donors are beginning to wonder about the UCP overall as the Alberta economy continues to languish.

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