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Episode 60: BC Election 101 for Albertans with PolitiCoast

There is an election happening on the other side of the Rockies. Ian Bushfield and Scott de Lange Boom from the Politicoast Podcast join Dave in this episode of the Daveberta Podcast to help Albertans understand what is happening in British Columbia’s provincial election.

Thank you to Ian and Scott for joining us and sharing their wealth of knowledge and insight into BC politics.

And thank you to our producer Adam Rozenhart for making this – our 60th episode – sound so great! And thank you to our listeners for continuing to subscribe and download the podcast over the past few years.

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3 replies on “Episode 60: BC Election 101 for Albertans with PolitiCoast”

I am no fan of podcasts. Don’t have the time to listen to pontificators lugubriously develop their argument. If you can’t write a few to-the-point paragraphs, what’s the use of you? I used to follow your writings, but don’t bother with your podcasts. Got halfway through one and gave up. Spit it out on “paper”, or go home, I say. Podcasts are a sort of personal preening in my view.

Sorry, that’s just how I feel.

Interesting to compare the fates of two premiers – Horgan and Kenney. Horgan got into power with a razor slim minority and has calmed fears about his party pursuing an overly ideological or reckless agenda by governing steadily and without much drama. Now he looks like he will get a solid majority government. On the other hand Kenney got into power with a comfortable majority and seems to be burning through political capital quickly as his government bungles one thing after another or excessively irritates voters.

I went to BC in early September and it was a nice break from all the anger and despair that is Alberta, its politics and its economy, these days. Hopefully Alberta can eventually get to a better place too, but I think the current provincial leadership will not be the ones able to do that.

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