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Episode 58: Summer in Alberta Politics Q & A

You sent us your questions and we answered! In this edition of the annual Alberta politics Q&A episode, Daveberta Podcast host Dave Cournoyer and producer Adam Rozenhart dive into the mailbag to answer listener questions about provincial parks, the Heritage Savings Trust Fund, the reopening of schools in September, political party fundraising, how previous governments might have handled the COVID-19 pandemic differently, how the government could do a better job convincing more Albertans to wear face masks in public, and much more.

We also chat about your recommendations for the Alberta politics summer reading list, which will be published later this week.

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One reply on “Episode 58: Summer in Alberta Politics Q & A”

Thanks to the unparalleled incompetence of the UCP, Alberta is now a have not province once again. The UCP is another fiscal trainwreck, just as the PCs were, since the mid 1980s, and onwards. What makes the UCP think that they can continue to waste major sums of money, like it’s no big deal? The UCP lost money from the Heritage Savings Trust Fund. It was very close to $2 billion dollars that was lost. What makes the UCP think they can give away the provincial parks in Alberta to developers, or anyone else, without any repercussions? The UCP’s reopening of schools is a major mistake waiting to happen. It’s going to be great to see the UCP party tossed out to oblivion, where they rightfully belong.

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