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Episode 41: The federal election and Jason Kenney’s Ontario whistle-stop tour

What is missing from the federal election debate, Premier Jason Kenney’s whistle-stop tour through Ontario, and the fall session of the Alberta Legislature are some of the hot topics Dave tackles with this week’s guest co-hosts – Natalie Pon and Justin Archer.

Natalie Pon is a chartered professional accountant and a conservative activist in Edmonton. Most recently she was on the interim board of the United Conservative Party.

Justin Archer is a partner at Berlin Communications in Edmonton and a professional communications strategist. Justin and Dave worked together in their first political jobs with the Alberta Liberal Party back in the mid-2000s.

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One reply on “Episode 41: The federal election and Jason Kenney’s Ontario whistle-stop tour”

Yep. So….Scheer spends a lot of his time beating up on career (Liberal) politicians, who lie and obfuscate (Only Liberals) and their various scandals (Still Liberals) and demands they resign until he’s blue in the face.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

As for calling being a politician a legitimate career, maybe it could be. Until you get around the partisan hackery and ideological zealotry (Yeah, Kenney) politicians operate more as grifters.

As for Kenney, the only thing Kenney has been upfront about is that he cannot stop lying.

The moment Scheer falls flat on his face (When the Liberals win 190+ seats) Kenney will bail on Alberta and head back to Ottawa to save the CONs and Canada.

When is this guy going to get a real job and do some real work?

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