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Inquiry into foreign-funded un-Albertan activities launches new website, snitch-line

An artist depiction of what an agent of a foreign-funded anti-Alberta energy campaign might look like.
An artist depiction of what an agent of a foreign-funded anti-Alberta energy campaign might look like.

Do you suspect the teenager next-door of flirting with Greenpeace?

Did the granny down the lane suggest the government focus on health care and education rather than oil pipelines?

Has someone on your block started riding their bike to work instead of using their gas-powered car?

Did you overhear someone at the local Starbucks talk about the need to take action against climate change?

Has your neighbour failed to attach an “I love Canadian oil and gas” sticker to the bumper of their truck?

These people could be agents of a dangerous foreign-funded campaign to land-lock Alberta’s oil and gas.

Be sober, be vigilant, and report them to the public inquiry into anti-Alberta energy campaigns at

Note: This post is satire, but the public inquiry into anti-Alberta energy campaigns is not. Along with the United Conservative Party’s mythical War Room and the proclamation of a law to “turn off the taps” to British Columbia, this public inquiry is an attempt to stir up regional political grievances and use the threat of foreign-funded boogeymen to scare critics of Alberta’s oil and gas industry into silence. The public inquiry will also be exempt from the transparency provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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This is just a distraction from the dismantling of healthcare, Public Education and other social infrastructure. PAY ATTENTION people! Do not waver.

I will be good to work out some “anti-spam” strategies since they are likely
to compile blacklists of emails to filter out (and/or target for “special” attention)…

Also, content-writing strategies to keep the, probably human, reviewers on the hook
for as long as possible before recognizing they are being sporked…

I really miss the old Conservatives of my youth who just wanted the government to stay out of their lives. This Orwellian group doesn’t resemble them at all and would be more at home in countries like China.
Wonder how this comment will affect my Alberta social credit score? Guess we will find out the next time I try to travel.

The post is hilarious (especially liked the illustration). The subject matter of course, is not. It’s sinister.
Governments that attempt to rule through fear, division and the creation of false enemies are not to be trusted. The 1930’s should have taught us that.

Sent to: submissions@alberta
Subject:Americans have infiltrated our media

Sent from my iPhone

On Sep 26, 2019, at 12:08 PM, Mildred Thill wrote:

I would just like to draw your attention to several issues concerning foreign take over of our Canadian media. First of all Edmonton used to have a liberal, let’s call it progressive paper called the “Edmonton Journal”. In theory this paper still exists, but the editorials, “news”, and UCP party ignorance coming out of this new version forces me to acknowledge that the “Edmonton Journal “ is dead and is merely the Edmonton Sun under a different heading. When every city in Canada has both its papers owned by post media, there is no more freedom of the press, there is a monopoly. Post media runs itself as a free electioneering platform for both the provincial and federal Tory parties. it doesn’t report itself for it’s electioneering nor is it limited in its spending. It has “freedom of the press “, which worked fine when we had opposing viewpoints and a balanced press.

This is a disgrace. It should never have been allowed. When American libertarians take over our universities, newspapers, and public institutions using funding donations from the Koch brothers, two of the richest men in the world, we know we have a problem.
I expect, since you have the gall, or lack of insight and integrity to work for this department, to have already dismissed me as an elite, or a left wing kook, or a “dipper.“ Maybe you haven’t even read this far.
You’re absolutely right. I am proud of these labels because I see you and your ilk for the baby Nazis you are. I see where this is going. This department is future infrastructure for your future concentration camps, for the “traitors ” like myself who don’t agree with you.

You’ve destroyed freedom of the press in Canada, you’ve taken over our universities and public institutions, you’ve given fiscal handouts to polluters and despoilers in return for payback to your dirty and not-yet-criminal but-nearly-there endeavours.
Congratulations! Aren’t you proud of yourselves?

M.J. Thill
Edmonton, Alberta

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