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Episode 30: The creepy Prab Gill video, the return of Joe Anglin, and Brian Jean’s revenge

With the Speech from the Throne coming on March 18 and Premier Rachel Notley expected to call an election soon afterward, Dave and Ryan discuss how the parties are trying to frame the upcoming election, Brian Jean’s revenge, the creepy Prab Gill video, Joe Anglin’s candidacy, the SNC-Lavalin scandal and the state of the Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta, and more.

They also delve into the latest developments in the kamikaze mission investigation and answer  questions sent in by listeners.

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One reply on “Episode 30: The creepy Prab Gill video, the return of Joe Anglin, and Brian Jean’s revenge”

Panel discussed regulations and laws but might come back to the question on red tape cuts.

Red tape is neither a specific law or regulation but as one internet search defines it: “excessive bureaucracy or adherence to rules and formalities, especially in public business.”

a) You cannot have that permit unless you fill out all questions on form no. 993A – 7T, or
b) your application takes 6 weeks to process, or
c) our office is only open 8 to 4 five days a week, or my pet peeve
d) phone this number and enter voice mail hell – be prepared to hold 5 minutes if you’re lucky or up to 35 if you’re not – at which point we’ll disconnect your call.

Large government and private organizations tend to generate complexity. If prompt satisfaction of customer needs is not a major concern, complexity tends to be self serving. Amazon has eliminated much red tape, governments not so much.

It appears cutting red tape is one way UCP wants to make Alberta a more attractive to businesses. How do we compare to other North American jurisdictions for for ease of getting a driver’s license, starting a business or other things?

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