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Episode 13: Doug Ford’s big win, Andrew Scheer’s deal with the Cheese Mafia, and more.

In this episode of the Daveberta Podcast, Dave Cournoyer and Ryan Hastman discuss Doug Ford’s win in Ontario’s election, the NDP’s mid-campaign surge, and the Green Party’s surprising growth across Canada. We also tackle Andrew Scheer’s deal with the Cheese Mafia and his purging of Maxime Bernier from the Conservative front benches in Ottawa, and Ryan delves into GOTV strategies in our “so you want to be a candidate segment.”

We also talk about the latest Alberta candidate nomination news, including the Airdrie-East dogfight between Angela Pitt and Roger Millions, and NDP MLA Michael Connolly’s decision to run for re-election in Calgary-Varsity.

We also announce the results of our review contest – congratulations to Sebastien Togneri, who is the new owner of a copy of The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America by Thurston Clarke and a hand-full of Alberta politics swag, including a vintage Alberta Party t-shirt. Thank you to everyone who left a review!

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One reply on “Episode 13: Doug Ford’s big win, Andrew Scheer’s deal with the Cheese Mafia, and more.”

Doug Ford’s big win only looks big compared to where he was in the polls a few weeks before the election. 40% is much better than 35%, but not as good as the PC’s before he took over who were close to 50% for quite a while. I think Ontarians had reservations about Ford, so no landslide, but they were ok with giving the PC’s a majority with a strong opposition.

I think the UCP will win the upcoming by elections, but I am not sure it really means much. As was pointed out, all the by elections since the last election have been in opposition held constituencies most of which were not close races in the last election. I suppose it gives the UCP an opportunity to try bring in some younger people, which might be helpful for they party, provided they don’t turn out to be like Fildebrant.

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