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Episode 4: The Alberta Party (again), leaked UCP policy, and predictions for 2018

Daveberta Podcast Alberta PoliticsThe Alberta Party leadership race (it’s finally a race!), the United Conservative Party’s leaked policy document, predictions for 2018, and hot gossip from the Alberta Legislature are just some of the topics covered in the latest episode of The Daveberta Podcast with Dave Cournoyer and Ryan Hastman (recorded in the Harry Strom Memorial Studios on Friday, Jan. 12, 2018).

Dave also talks about the 10 year anniversary of the incident.

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4 replies on “Episode 4: The Alberta Party (again), leaked UCP policy, and predictions for 2018”

Having a domain name in no way implies that I am the person in the domain name. Had he created a fake page acting as Ed Stelmach there may have been a case but he didn’t; he just redirected it to another page. He could also legally create a parody page at that site as long as it was not reasonable for someone to believe it actually had belonged to Ed Stelmach.

I would suggest that the NDP did in fact mention that they intended to do something around climate change without specifically saying “Carbon Levy” but what could that have been? Of course any logical mind would be able to connect the dots.

After all, On February 19, 2008, the Government of British Columbia announced its intention to implement a carbon tax of C$10 per tonne of Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions (2.41 cents per litre on gasoline).

So when I hear or read that the NDP didn’t campaign on a Carbon Levy, I say you were not paying attention!

Taken from the Alberta NDP’s published platform document……

(5.12) We will strengthen environmental standards, inspection, monitoring and enforcement to protect Alberta’s water, land and air. We will build standards based on independent science and international best practices, designed transparently in careful consultation with Albertans.•

(5.13) We will take leadership on the issue of climate change and make sure Alberta is part of crafting solutions with stakeholders, other provinces and the federal government. First steps will include an energy efficiency strategy and a renewable energy strategy.•

(5.14) We will ban gas drilling in urban areas.•

(5.15) And we will protect the Castle Wilderness Area.

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