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The PC Party’s Christmas gift to the NDP

A defamation lawsuit wrapped with a big bow.

Alan Hallman
Alan Hallman

Any hope Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party had of making the story of Sandra Jansen’s harassment go away is long gone as a political operative working for Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign has launched a lawsuit against a strategist who worked for Jansen’s now-defunct leadership campaign.

According to a report by the CBC, Alan Hallman claims his reputation suffered “irreparable harm” from a tweet posted by Stephen Carter. Hallman is being represented in the lawsuit by former justice minister Jonathan Denis, who is also supporting Kenney’s leadership bid.

The CBC reported that Carter will defend himself against the defamation claim and that the lawsuit is a “bullying tactic.”

“I believe it’s a tactic being used to try to suppress speech around the leadership. And that’s one of the reasons that I’m going to fight,” Carter told the CBC.

Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter

Facing harassment and online threats because of her moderate political views, Ms. Jansen dropped out of the PC leadership race and soon afterward crossed the floor to join the New Democratic Party. It is widely expected she will be appointed to a cabinet position in early 2017.

Hallman and Carter are veteran campaign strategists who have publicly clashed in the past. During the 2014 by-election in Calgary-Elbow, Carter, the campaign manager for Alberta Party candidate Greg Clark, filed a complaint with the CRTC regarding the use of robocalls by the PC campaign in Calgary-Elbow. Hallman was the manager of PC candidate Gordon Dirks’ campaign in that by-election.

Jonathan Denis MLA Calgary Acadia
Jonathan Denis

The PC Party released an investigative report last week in response to Jansen’s allegations that she was targeted by Kenney’s supporters during the party’s policy convention in Red Deer. There is digital evidence that the online harassment is real and it is likely the in-person harassment against Jansen was real as well, but the PC Party had little incentive to deliver justice after she joined the NDP.

The PC Party had little to gain by further penalizing or condemning Kenney’s supporters, as he appears to be on his way to sweeping the party leadership in 2017. The report was a way to end the story, and the allegation, that could tarnish the PC Party and Kenney’s leadership.

Thanks to Hallman, Denis and their lawsuit, the story of how a talented and high-profile woman was pushed out of Alberta’s PC Party will live on into 2017.

Merry Christmas, NDP.

9 replies on “The PC Party’s Christmas gift to the NDP”

It’s sad that a party that tap dances around accusations of intimidation gets all butt hurt when they themselves are insulted. It’s like they feel this overwhelming urge to continually remind Albertans why we lost confidence in them.

People won’t go deep into details, such trend among silent majority of voters.
There wasn’t “lost confidence” in Alberta PC, rather disappointment in their approach and performance at unfolding economic crisis.
Ms. Notley was very good during election campaign and at TV debates, thus gave a hope. Sadly she turned out not as good in the office, concentrating mostly on abstract for average albertans, global and mainly unpractical and useless local ethical issues. Unfortunately people didn’t got even lone benefit from NDP governance so far. Drop of popularity from 53% to 31% just in one year is a quite significant alarm sign. If she won’t pay attention and wouldn’t change the way they work, i’m think albertan’s trust to her and her party will slip to -13% before new election in 2019.

I believe I’m a conservative but if there is no room for pro-choice women in Jason Kenney’s version of the PC Party then I’m probably going to vote NDP. Notley is a smart woman and she got Alberta more pipelines.

c’mon, for now it’s a paper pipelines and so far not many signs of investors, who’s lined up to build them in reality.

Good riddance to those closet lefts having infiltrated the Party under the Progressive label. The “new” Party has to drop the Progressive in its new name.

Jerome, the ‘closet lefts’ didn’t infiltrate the party, they were always there on the progressive wing. Dropping the Progressive label will certainly result in a more accurate label, but it is also an example of the big tent, that produced decades of election victories, shrinking, and with it chances of future electoral success.

Hallman is commended for standing up to carter’s bully tactics. People need to be held accountable to their actions. Have fun Carter.

I’d say that this is a big gift the NDP gave to the PC’s with all of these accusations. Just the opposite of what claims.

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