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Wildrose offices burgled, computers stolen, membership data being misused

David Climenhaga over at has the scoop. Here is an excerpt from his piece tonight:

In an email to supporters sent late Sunday with the bland subject line, “A Wildrose Update,” Opposition Leader Brian Jean drops a bombshell with the revelation someone broke into the party’s Edmonton office several weeks ago, stole two laptop computers and tried unsuccessfully to walk off with the party’s server.

Holy Cow! Watergate, anyone?

Mr. Jean starts a section of the email headed “I also want to update you on matters related to our party’s data security” with another startling revelation: “Some of you have been receiving unsolicited calls and letters from another political party.”

Mr. Jean doesn’t say whom in the email, or what the calls were about, but sources have confirmed, unsurprisingly, that the caller was the Progressive Conservative Party and the topic was the leadership campaign of Jason Kenney.

File this under “developing stories.”

2 replies on “Wildrose offices burgled, computers stolen, membership data being misused”

I wonder why they (WRP) did not release this in a news conference and WHY the mainstream media sources are still so silent. Nary a word on CBC or G&M. Who are trying to protect??

Connected to the theft of all those 6 million or so of Albertans Healthcare records? ? Just saying
Privacy? Protection? What are those things promised to all Canadians by ALL governments?

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