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It’s Official – Don Iveson is planning to run for re-election as Mayor of Edmonton

Mayor Don Iveson and 25 other Edmontonians have officially submitted forms expressing their intent to run in Edmonton’s next municipal elections, which are scheduled to take place on Monday, October 16, 2017.

Mr. Iveson’s papers were signed on October 16, 2016 and are now filed in the Office of the City Clerk. After serving two-terms on City Council starting in 2007, Mr. Iveson was elected Mayor by an overwhelming 62 percent of voters in 2013. Along with his mayoral duties, he is currently the chair of Canada’s Big City Mayors’ Caucus, which includes the mayors of Canada’s largest cities.

Other council incumbents who have filed their intent to run for re-election are Mohinder Banga, Tony Caterina, Bev Esslinger, Ben Henderson, Andrew Knack, Dave Loken, Scott McKeen, Mike Nickel, and Michael Walters. Six-term councillor Bryan Anderson announced in October that he would not seek re-election in his southwest Edmonton ward.

Candidates do not have to declare what positions they plan to run for until the official nomination day, on Monday September 18, 2017.

Some recent additions to the list of interested candidates, who have filed their papers since my previous updates, include:

Beatrice Ghettuba – A Chartered Professional Accountant and Board Chair of Edmonton’s Africa Centre. She ran as a federal Liberal candidate in the St. Albert-Edmonton riding in the 2015 election. In that race she finished second with 22.6 percent of the vote, ahead of incumbent Independent MP Brent Rathgeber.

Rocco Caterina – The son and executive assistant of Ward 7 Councillor Tony Caterina. He says he does not plan to run against (or to potentially succeed) his father but instead that he plans to run in the neighbouring Ward 4 currently represented by Councillor Ed Gibbons.

Here is the list of the remaining candidates, most who have been mentioned in previous updates:

9 replies on “It’s Official – Don Iveson is planning to run for re-election as Mayor of Edmonton”

What a basket of deplorables the current council is! From Colonel McKeen, One-term Iveson, Generous Henderson and Yawn Anderson, the entire lot has screwed up every issue it’s touched.
Please, I implore anyone considering running, you will probably win!

basket of deplorables, Alan? You must be of the conservative/Wildrose persuasion. This current lot is a much better than the previous lot. They might not have gotten everything right, but they are fixing our streets, stopped the perpetual annexation of land to enlarge Edmonton, and are not handing taxpayer money to the likes of Katz. AND, when I raised a couple of issues, my Councillor actually investigated my concerns and responded. That never happened before.

I really hope the behaviour we saw in the recent U.S. Election isn’t a sign of what’s to come in every election coming up.

I think Iveson has done a pretty good job and will be a shoo-in. If Alan thinks the council is so bad, maybe he should run himself??

If the mayor and city council in Edmonton are dead set on building people squishers (skinny -houses)in your scenic /historic neighborhoods and eliminatin anything not solar thermal electric or peddle powered in the downtown area. ..they should be the guinea pigs for this 19th century eutopIa they are creating. The social distortion this mindset is causing is so far only a rumble of distant thunder in comparison to the s&*t storm it precludes.

Carla Frost is totally into your way of seeing building in Edmonton for the future. She has spoken to builders and has been a contractor for over 20 years. Eco building is one of her platforms. Heard her say housing by developers who think we are all the same is a insult to our community and Environment. I will be supporting carla Frost as mayor in this city election.

In my opinion, Don Iveson is only slightly better than previous mayor, ‘Howie’ Mandel.That goes for most of city council as well ! To me, they are huge money wasters who lack forsight and common sense when it comes to their ‘pet’ projects. A primary example would be the sh– show called the LRT. Another would be the proposed Blatchford community plan. Do you want your children and your children’s children to be on hook for this type of crap? I most certainly do not ! What I do want is a city council that has more common sense,more fiscally prudent,and just more in touch with tax payers AND reality in general. I think we had way too long a drought of that. I hope the next civic election gives Edmonton the city council it needs and deserves.

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