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Documentary film about Alberta’s 2015 Election premieres on March 2, 2016

Filmmaker Kelly Wolfert will premiere his 23-minute documentary about Alberta’s historic May 5, 2015 election at a special screening on March 2, 2016 at Metro Cinema in Edmonton.

According to the event listing: “Day of Change is a look at the events taking place in Alberta’s provincial election May 5th, 2015. Following candidates new to politics, veteran politicians, supporters, volunteers, and members of various political parties, the film takes a personal, behind-the-scenes look at the NDP victory that changed the landscape of Alberta and Canadian politics like no election in recent history.

The screening is part of NorthWestFest, formerly known as the Global Visions Film Festival. Tickets can be purchased online.

4 replies on “Documentary film about Alberta’s 2015 Election premieres on March 2, 2016”

The “little bit of history” Notley made on May 5, 2015 is a legacy of debt, caving in to special interest unions, and economic disaster.

Dave, you are spot on with your response to Joe. I have put some facts down on here. Some people refuse to see the facts. I couldn’t agree with you more.

You seem to be intentionally forgetting history, in regards to who is respnsible for the big mess Alberta is in right now. For a good chunk of their 44 years in office, the Alberta PC’s did nothing good for the long term of Alberta. They did multiple very costly scandals, failed to properly maintain infrastructure, almost depleted the Heritage Savings Trust Fund, sent lots of money down south to America and overseas, did not get proper rates for our natural resources, privatized many things, with less than desirable results and catered to themselves and their big business buddies. We are still seeing the negative consequences of the Alberta PC’s time in government. More and more of their extremely costly debacles are showing up in the news, as time goes on. Is this something to be proud of? Is it worth repeating? Alberta has hardly anything to show for all its wealth. Whatever Peter Lougheed has built up, the other PC premiers after him ruined. As for the Wildrose, what have they done that is so spectacular? Nothing of any merit? What will the Wildrose do? The same mistakes that the Alberta PC’s have done during most of their 44 year rule. It will take many, many years to undo the massive damage from the Alberta PC’s. Some of it can’t be undone, like the mega billion dollar failure that is electricity deregulation. To be part of the solution, you cannot be part of the problem. Supporting political parties that are or would be part of the problem is clearly not the answer. In this time of global economic uncertainty, Alberta has very little money to cushion the impact. The Alberta NDP have absolutely nothing to do with why Alberta is broke and suffering right now.

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