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Notley spreads out the workload in new expanded NDP cabinet

Alberta’s provincial cabinet grew by six today as Premier Rachel Notley announced an early 2016 cabinet shuffle. These appointments bring the size of Alberta’s cabinet up to 19, which is larger than the initial 12 cabinet ministers appointed after the NDP won the 2015 election but is still the smallest Alberta cabinet in more than a decade.

It became clear in the NDP government’s first half year in office that it would be unrealistic to have such a small group be responsible for so many large government ministries. Because of this, it was widely suspected that the new government would wait until 2016 before deciding which backbench NDP MLAs were cabinet material.

Here are some of the changes made as a result of today’s cabinet shuffle.

Edmonton-Glenora MLA Sarah Hoffman retains her position as Minster of Health while also taking on the role of Deputy Premier. Ms. Hoffman has proven herself to be one of the strongest members of the provincial cabinet, so this promotion is not a surprise.

Calgary-Acadia MLA Brandy Payne will assist Ms. Hoffman as Associate Minister of Health, a position that has existed in the past.

Edmonton-Riverview MLA Lori Sigurdson took a political beating during the Bill 6 farm safety law debates has been demoted from her role as Minister of Advanced Education and Minister of Jobs, Skills and Labour. She is now Minister of Seniors and Housing.

Replacing Ms. Sigurdson are Edmonton-Gold Bar MLA Marlin Schmidt as Minister of Advanced Education and Edmonton-Mill Woods MLA Christina Gray as Minister of Labour (no longer the Ministry of Jobs, Skills and Labour).

Ms. Gray is also Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal, a role that coincides with her position as chairperson of the Select Special Ethics and Accountability Committee, which is reviewing the Election Act, the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act, the Conflicts of Interest Act, and the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act.

Edmonton-Rutherford MLA Richard Feehan has been appointed Minister of Indigenous Relations, which has been renamed from Aboriginal Relations.

Calgary-Cross MLA Ricardo Miranda, is now Minister of Culture and Tourism. He is also Alberta’s first openly gay cabinet minister.

Two new cabinet ministers, Ms. Payne and Calgary-Varsity MLA Stephanie McLean, who is Minister of Service Alberta and Status of Women, are pregnant and expecting to add new additions to their families in 2016.

Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier is now Deputy Government House Leader, a role he shares with Economic Development and Trade Minister Deron Bilous.

It is unclear whether Mr. Schmidt and Ms. McLean will continue in their roles from the previous Legislative session as Government Whip and Deputy Government Whip. It is expected that MLAs will choose a new Deputy Chair of Committees to replace Mr. Feehan as he moves into his new ministerial role when the Legislature returns on March 8, 2016.

A full list of the new cabinet can be found here.

New Climate Change Office

The cabinet shuffle also included the announcement that a new Climate Change Office has been created to help implement the government’s Climate Leadership Plan. The new office will report to Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips.

2 replies on “Notley spreads out the workload in new expanded NDP cabinet”

Set the way back machine to the first announcement of bill 6 and take the what if pill:

Ministers Carlier and Sigurdson today issued a joint statement:

“after a thorough review of the previous governments decades long efforts towards bringing Alberta’s health and safety standards in line with the rest of Canada, we are here today, in part to give credit where credit is due and to thank the PC party of Alberta for their most thorough confirmation of the urgent need for enhanced regulatory diligence on our part. Agribusiness workers and family farmers will applaud the contribution the PC party has made to ensuring worker safety in agribusiness and also pointing the way to guaranteeing the protection of the family farm from burdensome regulation…”

So why was O’neil unscathed? Mmmm eet ees a puzzlement.

I am surprised by your estimation that Ms. Hoffman has performed well:

Ms. Hoffman has proven herself to be one of the strongest members of the provincial cabinet, so this promotion is not a surprise.

Our experience as a family with reference to Ms. Hoffman and Alberta Health is not as positive as this recommendation.

I hope that Ms. Sigurdson will be available as seniors minister since it is hard for constituents to contact her.

Christina Gray seems like a nice MLA and my sister Sue has yapped with her about my handicapped sister Rebecca who was downgraded with Ms. Hoffman’s full approval from long term care to SL4. Ms. Gray seems personable and competent. She will do well in her new position.

I don’t know the other folks.

Why hasn’t Dr. Bob Turner showed up in this group? I am curious why Ms. Notley hasn’t made better use of my MLA –Dr. Bob Turner in the health portfolio. Seems like she could have used his expertise.

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