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#yegvote hangout – post-election “after hours” edition

Last night we hosted the final #yegvote Edmonton election Google Hangout. Not surprisingly, we had a lot of topics to discuss in our post-election “after hours” edition, ranging from school board races, new city councillors, and, of course, the mayoral election.

When we started recording these hangouts in June 2013, I don’t believe many of us would have predicted the 62% landslide victory that Don Iveson earned on October 21. While most media embraced the narrative of a three- or two-candidate horserace, the results would suggest that it was neither. According to unofficial poll-by-poll results, Mr. Iveson won every poll across Edmonton except eight (four where he placed second and four where he was tied).

Our new mayor was a guest on this hangout in August, and we were joined by his opponent Kerry Diotte in early October. We were also happy to have Steven Dollansky, Kathleen Smith, Aliza Dadani, the Local Good, and Chris Labossiere and Patricia Misutka join us as guests on the hangout.

Thanks to my co-hosts Mack Make and Ryan Hastman for helping make the #yegvote hangout a success. And thank you to everyone who has tuned in to watch us live or our archived videos (which will remain online for the time-being). We have enjoyed hosting these hangouts and may continue to record new versions of the hangout on in the future. Stay tuned.

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Don Iveson won all voting stations except for six. In three cases, Karen Leibovici won; in two cases there was a tie between Don Iveson and Kerry Diotte; and in the last case it was a tie between Don Iveson and Karen Leibovici. None of these voting stations were “regular”. Rather they were special advanced votes or similar. The total votes cast in these voting stations was 836 and Done Iveson received 313.

The Edmonton Journal ran a story stating that Gordon Ward won three of the voting stations. I double-checked because that seemed totally wrong.

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