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alison redford attends the bilderberg. thomas mulcair visits the oilsands.

Bilderberg Redford
Premier Alison Redford is attending the 2012 Bilderberg Group conference.

There are no shortage of internet conspiracy theories about the mysterious Bilderberg Group conference, but now Alberta Premier Alison Redford will know the truth about the invite-only private annual meeting of the world’s top neo-liberal financial, business, and political elites.

Premier Redford has been invited the the event, which is being held in Virginia from May 31 to June 3. Only a small group of Canadian political leaders have been invited to attend, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, former Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, and former premiers Mike Harris and Gordon Campbell, to name a few.

Danielle Smith Wildrose Party Alberta Election 2012
Danielle Smith: Outraged.

As the emperors of industry behind the Bilderberg Group continue to push failed neo-liberal economic policies that have helped create crumbling markets across the globe, the unbounded potential of Alberta’s natural resource wealth will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion.

Premier Redford’s decision to attend this meeting earned immediate denunciation from Wildrose Official Opposition leader Danielle Smith. Ms. Smith criticized the Premier for not staying in Alberta to confront NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, who was in the province yesterday to visit Fort McMurray and tour an oilsands operation. Reaction to Mr. Mulcair’s visit drew a supportive comment from Wood Buffalo Mayor Melissa Blake, who told the Edmonton Journal:

“It seems like his interests are not necessarily out of alignment with what most Canadians would be interested in – a healthy sustainable environment.”

Breaking from the cries of outrage displayed by many of her Conservative counterparts, Premier Redford has taken a nuanced approach to responding to Mr. Mulcair’s comments that Alberta’s natural resource wealth has contributed to a high Canadian dollar and the decline of Ontario’s manufacturing industry.

Thomas Mulcair NDP Leader
Thomas Mulcair: It's a trap!

Rather than playing into Mr. Mulcair’s strategy to leverage a wedge issue among many voters outside of Alberta (especially in the economically depressed and voter rich southern Ontario) who are uncomfortable with the West’s economic growth and resulting environmental issues, Premier Redford has largely played it cool when responding to criticisms of the oilsands.

For all the criticism of Mr. Mulcair’s strategic play, it provides further evidence that the NDP Official Opposition under his leadership are prepared to use the same type of wedge politics that Prime Minister Harper’s Conservatives have successfully used over the past eight years. It should be noted that Ms. Smith’s Wildrose Party attempted to emulate the same type of wedge politics in the recent provincial election.

Premier Redford’s calm response is a break in style from recent political leaders like former Premier Ralph Klein, who expressed little interest in taking a leading role on the national stage.

As well as a change in tone, Premier Redford has made a number of political moves that suggest a shift toward Alberta’s provincial government becoming a serious player on the national stage, including beginning discussions with other provincial leaders about a [still vaguely defined] National Energy Strategy.

Earlier this month, Premier Redford announced the opening of an Alberta Office in Ottawa. Ms. Smith criticized the announcement, suggesting that the 27 Conservative Party Members of Parliament were doing a good enough job advocating for Albertans in the national capital. As both Ms. Smith and Premier Redford know, many of those Conservative MPs showed various levels of support for the Wildrose Party in the recent election. As a former lobbyist herself, Ms. Smith will undoubtedly be aware that successful lobbying includes more than meeting with politicians.

One person rumoured to be in line for the appointment as the Alberta government’s lobbyist in Ottawa is former Finance Minister Ted Morton, who is a former colleague of now-Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In Ottawa yesterday, Calgary-Centre Conservative MP Lee Richardson announced he had been hired as Premier Redford’s Principal Secretary and senior strategist. Before first heading to Ottawa in the 1980s, Mr. Richardson was the Chief of Staff to Premier Peter Lougheed, who may have been Alberta’s last provincial leader who was also a significant player on the national stage.

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I’m kind of surprised Ted Morton wouldn’t run for Lee Richardson’s empty seat. Ted’s always been more interested in federal politics anyways, and Harper needs another right wing hack to replace Bev Oda in his increasingly ridiculous cabinet.

Dave, you need to go look up your “freeze in the dark” allegation. No Premier of Alberta has ever said that. And in fact, when the term emerged, Alberta’s then-premier was doing everything he could to ensure no such thing would happen. Jeesh!
– David Sands

David Sands is correct, the “let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark” saying appeared on bumper stickers around Alberta long before Ralph Klein was Premier.

And in fact, Lougheed stated explicitly in his announcement of production reductions in 1980 (to 85% of capacity), that it would be conditional on supply; that it would be suspended if there were concerns about supply.

David Sands: Thanks for the comment. I have fixed that line. I had always attributed that statement to Klein in my mind, but I guess I was incorrect. Thanks.

“calm response” or smug? Yes, Alberta is just becoming recognized as an economic powerhouse – and they need a few more women at Bilderberg. If Danielle had won she would have been way more fun than Premier Mom (who will probably tell the Captains of Industry to put down their BB/iPhones).

Oh but as Mayor he wanted eastern bums and creeps to go home. Presumably to freeze in the dark.

Oh but as Mayor he wanted eastern bums and creeps to go home. Presumably to freeze in the dark.

Redford calls Mulcair “unpredictable”, “divisive”, and “ill-informed”. She was “shocked” and at his comments on the oil sands and called them “false”. Daveberta calls this “nuanced” and “play[ing] it cool”.

I wonder what losing her cool would be like.

– Mustafa Hirji

… and we get to listen to Lukasuk continue to blow about his own self-importance. Another four years of this on top of his rule in Education is going to be insufferable.

Peeping Tom came and saw the oilsands, I can just see a childrens book in there somewhere. This “big giant head of little empty heads”, NDPEER’s, opinion about anything, including mortgage advice, is about as useful as a Libby Davies diet plan. Go home creeping Tom, go back to the riots of Montreal sir, we have work to do here in Alberta, it is the only way your welfare province can afford the luxury to act like the spoiled brats you are, it is called “transfer payments” from oilsands and other sources from hard working Albertans and Saskabushers, that sir is reality.

It will be interesting to see who wins the byelection in Calgary-Centre. I hope it is a true conservative like John Mar and not some wannabe like Joan Crockatt.

What interested me about the Redford/Bilderberg issue was not that she accepted the invitation, who wouldn’t, but rather why she was invited in the first place. The Bilderberg website says participants are chosen for their experience, knowledge, standing and contribution to the “selected agenda”. Redford may be smart but she’s still building her experience, knowledge and global standing, so that leaves the “selected agenda”. None of us knows for sure what the agenda was but I’m sure she’ll take advantage of the opportunity to hobnob with the likes of the Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and the CEO of Dow. We can only hope that she’ll use these connections in the public interest as opposed to her own political agenda.

This is disgusting that Redford has gone to a global secretive meeting and claimed it as an economic conference. We the people have a right to know what was on the agenda. This shadowy meeting discussed how to incorporate more marching orders like Agenda 21 from the U.N. Bildergerg has been expossed for its Eugenics programs, pro depopulation, and even wars without Canada approving (Libya and Syria). How is it an economic conference when war criminal Henry Kissinger is present at the meetings.

In the United States it is illegal under the Logan Act for elected members to participate in such a meeting. That is why Hilary Clinton was fined $300,000 for attending the annual Bankistan meeting. The treasonous meeting completely contradicts Canada’s sovereignty if we have any in the next four years. This isn’t about left or right which is purely fictional to abort the real issues. This is about being illegal. Attending this event will only lead to the destruction of our nation and she commited Treason as far as I’m concerned.

We will be watching over the next 2-3 months to see what comes out in parliament. Probably the adoption of Agenda 21 which will eliminate farming, incorporate carbon taxes, and centralize citizens in urban areas. If the banks rely on development to stimulate the economy than they should pay for the carbon taxes. In Australia, you can now get a fine of up to 1.1 million dollars for talking bad about the implementation of carbon taxes (How Stalinistic is that!).

Wake up Canadians this is all about a one world government.

I don’t know too much about Bilderberg, and I don’t think all non-members do either. That is the point. However, I do have a problem with secret international meetings involving my government. No one seems to care about Harper’s lack of transparency, and the provinces follow the example set at the federal level.

I just don’t understand people in general these days. Those of the past died for us to continue to elect accountable government, yet we allow our politicians to publicly advertise the degradation of accountability.

This has nothing to do with left or right.

Alison Redford comes from the UN and her agenda is Agenda-21, look it up. It is the “planned-opolis” that is being ushered in under the guise of “Sustainability” and “development”. What it will inevitably turn into is a Hunger games type of existence where you cant go and walk in a park without paying carbon tax.
Hey I have News for everyone Man-made Carbon emissions are not the cause of global warming…Oh and by the way the Globe isn’t warming any longer! I know I know I’m crazy right lol well just continue signing your taxes over to the “carbon tax” myth and Al gore and the other globalist will be happy. That is WHO Alison Redford is.
Why she attended Build-a-turd, well that is her brood. We have in fact elected a Criminal Anti Human Globalist. We are just “Cockroaches” to them according to the staff of the Chantilly Westfields Marriott who hosted this years Bilderberg meeting.
It is very clear Alison Redford is more interested in playing strategic politics to further the agenda of foreign interests and UN regulations them Alberta and Alberta’s Brand.
I love the first comment…People of the past…That voice is screaming inside of me and that blood runs through our veins, WHAT will it take? When will we have had enough?

Ms. Redford said she felt “extremely privileged”” to be invited to Bilderberg. This would be laughable if it weren’t so ridiculous. Let me remind Ms. Redford that most of those attendees NEED Alberta’s oil for their various enterprises, and thus, to any thinking person, it is THEY who should feel “privileged” that she deigned to attend, not the other way around.

This is the problem with our Alberta politicians. They’re sitting in the catbird seat in control of Alberta’s abundant fossil fuels, but don’t have a clue how to, as Lougheed said, “act like owners.” I think Ms. Redford isn’t half as confident as she tries to appear, or she’d know this and take the bull by the horns — starting with charging the oil corporations higher royalties.

So Ali Redford…who was at the Builderberg meeting, what was discussed? Did criminal war monger Henry Kissinger enlighten you on how Alberta can compete on the global economic stage? What value does that criminal bring to Alberta?

Can you comment on long time Builderberg investigator Jim Tucker overhearing a conversation wanting Ron Paul and his supporters killed? You people can’t kill an idea or a movement.

Where is the agenda? Who was there? Can you shed light on further Bankistan and false flag attacks? Are we going to war in Iran? These are all important Alberta issues that were discussed. Just remember, we the people are becoming awakened by these treasonous global plans. Who’s the cockroach!

the cause of the fake economic collapse, fake global warming, depopulation, POLICE STATE etc etc are all ideas set in motion in 1954 by the bilderberg group, people seem to think that no one wants world domination and just ignore the “conspiracy theory’s” FACTS ARE NOT CONSPIRACY THEORY’S Montreal is waking up what will it take for the rest of canada to wake up tothe “gods” we call politicians fucking us over at literally every opportunity

So, here we are weeks later and I cannot find a single press release from the Alberta Premier’s office disclosing, as promised by Ms.Redford, the details outlining what was decided/discussed concerning Alberta at the B meeting.

Shocked, shocked I am.

From the Horse’s (mouth):

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards world gov’t. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” -David Rockefeller

So, once evidence indicates that a supposition is no longer merely ‘theory’, doesn’t it follow that it becomes a ‘Conspiracy, Technically’?


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