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the cast of alberta politics: the motion picture.

Politics in Alberta is not always easy for outsiders to understand. Forty years of uninterrupted Progressive Conservative majority governments have given the province a reputation of being a politically homogenous monolith.

The myth of Alberta as a western frontier where tarsands-rich oilmen and rugged cowboys rule the plains, perpetrated by an endless stream of CBC television dramas, could not be further from the truth. Alberta is a dynamic province, where urban rules and politics is less conservative and more moderate than most outsiders might assume.

It occurred to me that rather than spending millions of dollars to replicate lame advertising campaigns promoting our Spirit to Create and Freedom to Achieve (wait… or is it our Freedom to Create and Spirit to Achieve, or Freedom to Spirit…??), the true story of Alberta (and its politics) might be told through a blockbuster motion picture. A blockbuster political drama cast with big name Hollywood stars could not only explain Alberta’s story, but it might win some Academy Awards (and get a good score on Rotten Tomatoes).

I just started writing the Aaron Sorkin-inspired screenplay and that has not stopped me from sending out a casting call to actors who I believe would be perfect playing in these roles.

Allison Janney as Alison Redford
Allison Janney as Premier Alison Redford
Antonio Banderas as Raj Sherman
Antonio Banderas as Liberal Party leader Raj Sherman
Selma Blair as Danielle Smith
Selma Blair as Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith
John C Reilly as Brian Mason
John C Reilly as NDP leader Brian Mason
Aaron Eckhart as Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk
Aaron Eckhart as Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk
Jon Lithgow as Finance Minister Ron Liepert
Jon Lithgow as Finance Minister Ron Liepert
William H. Macy as Hugh MacDonald
William H. Macy as Liberal MLA Hugh MacDonald
Guy Richie as Chief of Staff Stephen Carter
Guy Richie as Chief of Staff Stephen Carter

Please feel free to share your feedback for other actors to cast or plot points in the comment section below.

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I don’t know, for title actors I’ve never seen Allison play a significant role? Can’t think of someone more A-list for the lead?


Mother passes away mere days before she is made Premier.

After weird allegations of mental illness, well-intentioned but naive ER doctor quits the government, joins the opposition, and becomes its leader.

International controversy about oil sands development…

Yeah. Add a chase scene or two, and you’re good.

Was thinking of Gene Hackman as Liepart. Lithgow comes across as too smart .

Morton should be played by Robert Redford. Not that they look alike…I just like the irony.

This will be a blockbuster without a doubt, as follows.
Glenn Close as Alison Redford
Sir Ben Kingsley as Stephen Carter
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Dave Hancock
Greg Kinnear as Doug Horner
Patrick Stewart as Ron Liepert
William H. Macy as Ted Morton
Kathy Bates as Iris Evans
Nick Nolte as Lloyd Snelgrove
Stephen Baldwin as Thomas Lukaszuk
Bob Hoskins as Brian Mason
Hilary Swank as Rachel Notley
Russell Peters as Raj Sherman
Mary-Louise Parker as Danielle Smith
Nicholas Cage as Rob Anderson
Mike Meyers as Guy Boutilier

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Produced by Gary Mar

I just met Tim Dyck from the Wildrose this week and I must say he’s quite handsome. You should have Matt Damon play him!

Hilarious comment thread. Most of the castings are pretty fair, but I’m definitely going to have to endorse Rachel Notley’s pick of Nick Offerman for Horner.

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