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guy boutilier’s secret election campaign.

Earlier this week, I wrote about Councillor Don Scott‘s entry into the Progressive Conservative nomination contest in the soon to be created Fort McMurray-Conklin constituency.

Now, from the website comes word that PC-turned-Wildrose Party MLA Guy Boutilier has been nominated as his party’s candidate in one of the two new Fort McMurray constituencies, maybe, kind of…

Boutilier says he has been nominated as the Wildrose candidate for one of the two ridings in this region, but the party hasn’t yet said which one.

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Could it be that they nominated him in both ridings and are waiting to see what the competition looks like before annUncong the riding?

You got it in one, Darcy. FM-WB. Poor Guy. Now he’s going to have to spend 28 days straight in a place where he hasn’t bothered to be for two days in a row since the last election.

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