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for better or worse, the katz group is getting their arena deal.

For better or worse, Edmonton City Council has voted in a private meeting 8-5 in favour of an agreement in principle to build a downtown arena with the Katz Group. Regardless of strong arguments against the City’s involvement in the project, it became clear long ago that the political powers that be wanted this deal to happen. It was inevitable.

From the Edmonton Journal:

The deal, approved by an 8-5 council vote following an hours-long meeting behind closed doors, closely follows a 17-part motion passed in April that laid out what the city wants to see happen.The maximum construction cost will be $450 million. That will be covered by $100 million cash from Oilers owner Daryl Katz, $125 million from a ticket fee and $125 million from tax on surrounding development and other city funds.

The two sides will jointly work on a design.

The provincial and federal governments will be asked to put in the remaining $100 million.

I am a big supporter of Edmonton’s urban core and have written a few blog posts explaining some critical questions about our City’s future that have been largely skipped or ignored in this debate:

boosterism beating diligence and reason in katz downtown arena debate.
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I hope everyone enjoys that extra 20 on EVERY ticket to EVERY event in town. Until attendance drops off. Then it goes up to 25 or 30 a pop. Silly people, that is what the ticketmaster monopoly is for!

Very shameful reporting Dave. You’re being used. I’d double source your facts next time.

Since only seven people (3 MLAs and their constituency presidents + 1) of the sixty there voted for Blakeman’s July amendment it’s not hard to figure out who is venting their frustrations to you.

It wasn’t close to divided and after Blakeman stormed out (after getting clobbered in another vote) the full rule package passed unanimously.

Is there a contingency if the other levels of government don’t front the cash? I’m assuming they’ll just jack the ticket tax and/or increase the CRL zone.


You may have double sourced your facts but talking to Hugh and Laurie and Jane Walker does not give you a wide range of opinion. You may want to check with someone who was not on the losing side.
Yeah I know wrong thread but you you were so obviously blowing off the above anonymous with nonsense I had to comment.

happeningfish: thanks for the comments. I did speak with people on both sides of this debate. The all expressed frustration with this debate around the date of the leadership vote.

While we are on the topic of anonymous blog commenters, I noticed that you are posting from the same IP address as former Liberal Communications Director Neil Mackie posted from in my previous blog post.



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