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medicine hat wildrose candidate milvia bauman resigns.

The Wildrose Alliance lost a name on their slate this week as Milvia Bauman resigned after being acclaimed as a candidate in September 2010. Ms. Bauman’s departure follows the resignation of the Board of Directors of the Wildrose Alliance’s Medicine Hat Constituency Association last week over objections to the central party’s rushing of the nomination process that led to their candidate’s acclamation.

From ChatTV:

As I wrote in yesterday’s 2010 year in review post, with the Wildrose Alliance under Danielle Smith‘s leadership having experienced such significant growth over the past year these kinds of embarrassing growing pains are to be expected.

With Ms. Bauman’s departure, the list of nominated and declared provincial election candidates has been updated.

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I agree, this is the norm with any new party. It still occasionally happens with established parties. When people are involved, things like this will happen.

Reading between the lines of Bauman’s statement, it looks to me that the Board didn’t want to be accountable to its membership, in particular Ms. Bauman. Board reports ARE pretty s.o.p., and the absence of them suggests that this Constituency Association Board is more like a group of friends (good ol’ boys…and girls) than a duly constituted and accountable Board.

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