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wildrose nominates eight candidates.

This email landed in my email inbox today. The Wildrose Alliance has nominated eight candidates for the next election (only 79 candidates away from a full-slate). As far as I am aware, the only other party to have nominated a candidate for the next election is the NDP, who have nominated Deron Bilous in Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview.

The Wildrose Alliance Party is pleased to announce the following candidates:
• MLA Rob Anderson in Airdrie
• MLA Heather Forsyth in Calgary – Fish Creek
• MLA Paul Hinman in Calgary – Glenmore

John Carpay in Calgary – Lougheed.
John practices law in Calgary. He is the former Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation and the former Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Harpreet Nijjar in Calgary – Northern Hills.
Harpreet, a graduate of the University of Calgary, is an award winning young entrepreneur who runs an insurance brokerage.

Shayne Saskiw in Lac La Biche – St. Paul – Two Hills.
Shayne, a graduate of the U of A, practices law in north eastern Alberta and was a former VP Policy for the Alberta PCs.

Milvia Bauman in Medicine Hat.
Milvia is an entrepreneur and community leader in Medicine Hat. She is currently the Chair of the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce and Medicine Hat Safe Community Association.

Danny Hozack in Vermillion – Lloydminster.
Danny farms in Streamstown Alberta. He is a long time conservative activist and has served on the boards of the Alberta Beef Producers, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, and Marwayne Minor Hockey.

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From the Alliance website: “The nomination process remains underway in Bonnyville – Cold Lake, Edmonton Riverview, Edmonton – Rutherford, Calgary – Fort and Calgary – Montrose.”

Does this mean these ridings are shaping up to have contested races so they had to extend the deadlines, or does it mean no one was interested/capable/credible? Oh, I am so mischievous.

The biggest joke is Shayne Saskiw. He handed out roses at the St. Paul parade over Labour Day weekend. I can’t believe these amateur style tactics and that he thinks this is going to get him votes.

There will be a full slate of candidates in all ridings, this thing is gaining power. Good question Trish, it just means they aren’t grabbing the first warm body for the position.

The Wildrose is totally grabbing the first warm body. All of these people are nothing but a bunch of no names who live on the fringe.

It is also interesting that the WAP have nominated three candidates in constituencies held by Cabinet Ministers. Unless they do not seek re-election, Shayne Saskiw will stand against Infrastructure Minister Ray Danyluk, Danny Hozack will face Treasury Board President Lloyd Snelgrove, and Milvia Bauman will face Environment Minister Rob Renner.

We know that Shayne Saskiw is the former VP Policy & Resolution for the PC Party and that he joined the Wildrose earlier this year.

Danny Hozack ran unsuccessfully against Lloyd Snelgrove and three other candidates for the PC nomination in 2000 after Steve West announced his retirement. Hozack also listed as the current President of the Vegreville-Wainwright Conservative EDA. (source).

Milvia Bauman’s website bio lists “Her involvement in politics began at age 24 when she became treasurer of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party constituency association in Medicine Hat. More recently Milvia helped in the successful election of Mayor Norm Boucher where she acted as a consultant and fund raiser. She also worked in that capacity for several local MLAs.”

You’ve completely missed the point. It says, “Wildrose nominates 8 candidates.” That is not actually true because all 8 of them were acclaimed. (There is a difference.)

My guess is at least 1, if not 2 more, for a total of 9 or 10 acclamations of those first 13 nominations. Just a tad ironic considering how vocal they’ve been about the importance of running contested nominations.

Marie: Yes, they were acclaimed. It was a nomination process. The acclaimations were the result of one candidate seeking the nomination. The Wildrose candidates were acclaimed in their nomination process. So we’re both right.

Joe Albertan does post on this blog. I’m the real Joe Albertan. Someone has hacked my earlier site and has been posting as an impostor.

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8 WAP candidates nominated – without opposition. Shows that there’s not a lot of interest in people to be WAP candidates. Also shows not a lot of confidence that any of them will win.

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