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“the product was not up to the technical quality we desire to showcase our leader.”

Last week the Progressive Conservative Party sent out an email to their members telling them about a video interview with Premier Ed Stelmach which they were planning to post on YouTube. The video would feature the Premier talking about his plans for the healthcare system and was expected to be posted on Friday, December 17. It was delayed due to “technical difficulties.” Six days later and no YouTube video in sight, PC Party Executive Director Pat Godkin sent out this email to her party’s members:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Pat Godkin
Date: Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 3:05 PM
Subject: PC E-Talk Dec 16th Edition

Dear Members:

I would like to apologize for the premature message that we released about the Premier’s video. The product was not up to the technical quality we desire to showcase our Leader. Regretfully, we are not able to schedule a reshoot before year end.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

Pat Godkin
Executive Director
PC Alberta

There are many reasons why the PC Party would have had difficulties, technical or otherwise in producing this video, but on the eve of 2011 should we expect a political party with a multi-million dollar campaign warchest to face this much of a challenge when producing a YouTube quality video?

I suppose avoiding a Stephane Dion scale video disaster would have been an understandable high priority.

9 replies on ““the product was not up to the technical quality we desire to showcase our leader.””

This is bush league. Ed Stelmach is surrounded by incompetent people. The only chance the PC Party has is to give him the boot before the next election.

Wake up PCs!

Ed probably got talked into using those pesky interweb things by someone on his staff.
Seriously.. the man has the charisma of a fence post, and the party isn’t so much forward thinking and trend setting, as backwards and moribund.. its time for a change..

and up front caveat. Yes I’m a paid up member of the Alberta Party.

To suggest that Ed Stelmach is the only thing wrong in the PC party is silly. He’s had lots of help dropping all the balls that they’ve dropped.

I didn’t vote PC last time (voted Wildrose) but will be voting PC next time. They’ve kept my taxes down and done a good job.

You’re kidding right Bob?

They didn’t release the video because of the reaction but then again this government is used to lying.

Say what you will about the Stelmach era, but puh-lease don’t try and tell me that Team Ed has “kept my taxes down”. By starving municipalities of proper funding, land taxes have gone way up in all of Alberta’s cities and towns. That’s directly on Stelmach. Along with that the province has created a ton of ridiculous new fees. Supposed “recycling” charges on every little thing, money we all know will make its way into general coffers. Remember Ed’s hiking of the liquor taxes? Even if he partially reversed that in his millionth wish-wash about face manuever, booze taxes are still higher than when he came in. Same for tobacco and every other lifestyle tax they can apply. And don’t forget, they continue to discuss the possibility of a PST to solve their crazy massive deficit problems.

Ed Stelmach and his team have been a fiscal disaster. They’ve undone any and all benefits accrued during the Klein era of cuts. And what exactly do we have to show for it? Public services are all operating worse than ever. It’s madness.

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