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glenora cools down, calder heats up.

Proposed electoral boundaries of north west Edmonton according to the INTERIM Boundaries Report transposed with poll results from 2008 election.

A few months ago, I wrote about the race in Edmonton-Glenora. When the interim report of the Electoral Boundaries Commission was released, former Edmonton-Calder MLA David Eggen had announced his intention to seek the NDP nomination in the Glenora constituency. After the final report was released, Mr. Eggen’s neighbourhood was back in Calder, where he has now chosen to seek the NDP nomination, which is scheduled for November 23.

Proposed electoral boundaries of north west Edmonton according to the FINAL Boundaries Report transposed with poll results from 2008 election.

The PC backbencher currently representing Calder is living in a divided conservative house. Doug Elniski was the only PC MLA to take a public position on the phased closure of the City Centre Airport (against). Mr. Elniski also took a political gamble of supporting Envision Edmonton backed candidate Don Koziak against incumbent City Councillor Kim Krushell in Ward 2 (which includes a large part of the Calder constituency). Councillor Krushell was re-elected in a tight race and as a PC Party supporter, she is rumoured to be furious with Mr. Elniski.

This may good news for the Liberals and NDP, who appear to have now cleared the fields against each other in contests against PC MLA Heather Klimchuk in Glenora and Mr. Elniski in Calder. It is not so great news for the PCs, who now have two contests instead of one.

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Politics is such a funny game. I can’t speak as to why Doug supported keeping the airport open, but I would presume it had something to do with it being in his riding, and probably because his constituents contacted him.

Politicians are supposed to represent the views of those within their area. I suspect Doug did that. For Kim to have a problem with that, is silly.

Nothing to do with the DRP, its all about votes. Where there are more, and less. Calder was drawn and quartered, and then put mostly back together again. The electoral boundary commission: three Tories and two Liberals doing what they do best!

Eggens has always lived in Westmount, which has remained in the Glenora constituency throughout the changes. So second thoughts on running in Glenora may be based on winnability.

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