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everybody loves raj.

Like the belle at the ball, newly Independent MLA Raj Sherman is being courted by the Wildrose Alliance and the Liberal Party as MLAs continue an all-night debate on Emergency Room wait times (see the below messages sent out by the two parties on Twitter this morning).

Of course, this love is not extended by the PCs, who indefinitely suspended Dr. Sherman from their caucus earlier this week after he went public with his concerns about Emergency Room wait times and criticized former Health Minister Ron Liepert. Dr. Sherman apologized to Minister Liepert, but the Minister refused to accept anything less than a complete retraction of the comments.

2 replies on “everybody loves raj.”

Raj should hook up with the Wildrose, it’s s good fit and he’ll do weel there. At least they believe in democracy not like the tories.

Raj should hook up with the Liberals, it’s s good fit and he’d do well there. At least they believe in democracy, unlike like the Tories.

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