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the hyperbole of alberta’s pc party.

While perusing through the latest issue of PC People Magazine, I quickly noticed a very obvious theme. It really amazed me that nearly every article in the 13-page membership magazine was framed to dispute a position taken by the Wildrose Alliance. Anyone who believes that the PCs are not concerned about their bleeding support in the polls should take a read of this newsletter.

One article, and one quote in particular, caught my eye. Editor Brenton Harding takes a stab at explaining why many American-style (code: scary Wildrose Alliance) election practices are not good for Albertans.

Another concept being promoted in some quarters is the idea of term limits. These laws restrict the number of times an office holder can seek re-election.

On the surface this may seem like noble enough sentiment until you take a closer look. Voters pick their favoured candidate and the individual with the greatest support becomes the community’s representative.

For all intents and purposes, term limits bar voters from selecting the candidate of their choice.

Voters whose favoured candidate is prohibited from seeking re-election are disadvantaged as much as voters whose candidate is barred by the whims of an Ayatollah or a general.

Perhaps it was hyperbole taken a little too far, because I am sure that most American’s do not feel like a term-limited Presidential electoral system is similar to the whims of a dangerous theocrat or military dictator.

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I checked into it and the taxpayers are not paying for this publication. Wayne is mistaken as usual.

I read the magazine and it really changed my mind about the PC’s. I don’t agree with everything but we have good government and I’ll be voting PC in the next election.

Term limits for the President of the US were brought in after the 4-term Presidency of one of that country’s greatest leaders: FDR. Had they been in place prior to the Second World War, how effective would a different President have been in leading the US kicking & screaming into the European theatre to join Canada, the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth in the fight against Hitler?

‘Nuff said.

An excellent post.

The content of this magazine left me shaking my head. Entirely government propaganda with very little on what the party is doing to listen to its members. The editorial written by a staff member whose salary is paid by party members was the most offensive – members should be telling the party what to think, not the other way around.

I’ve supported the PCs since 1986, but enough is enough. They can have my membership card and that magazine back. Give me an election so we can put this dinosaur of an organization to rest.

Only the PC party in Alberta would think that 40 years of one government, with little or no opposition, is something to celebrate! In other countries, that would be called a dictatorship.

A 40 year government that still holds power, but with only 20% of the votes, is a bad habit!

“I checked into it and the taxpayers are not paying for this publication. Wayne is mistaken as usual.

I read the magazine and it really changed my mind about the PC’s. I don’t agree with everything but we have good government and I’ll be voting PC in the next election.”

Joe Albertan does not post on this website.

Not only is this Joe Albertan wanna be a fool but also a filthy liar, just like the party they support. I highly doubt you can even read anyway.

Dave, When are you going to put a stop to this Joe Albertan bullshit already? Obviously this person has some kind of axe to grind with Joe Albertan, let him do it some place else. I’ve never read such ridiculous grade scholl bullshit in my whole life. Please put a stop to this.

The only term limit is for the leadership of the party. A leader can only hold the position for 8 years maximum. This would not prevent constituents from continuing to vote for their favorite MLA. Most people will see the logic to this policy.

Some people will of course misrepresent the facts to hold on to that 40 years of power.

The PC’s know they are in deep trouble. Everything they have done since December 2009 is in response the Wildrose Alliance Party. Anything that appears to be for the good of Albertans is actually to try and buy our votes with our own money and I like to think we are too smart for that. They have made too many mistakes and, after the next election, a good number of them will be gone.

At the end of October the PC Convention is in Calgary. It will be interesting to see if they vote to hold a leadership race as they know they can’t go into the next election with Stelmach as leader.

Are you off your meds again? You’re seeing Wildrose everywhere, Dave.

So PC People “was framed to dispute (every) position taken by the Wildrose Alliance.”

Wildrose supports replacing provincial securities regulation with a national regulator? Wildrose thinks there are no advantages to living in Alberta? Wildrose thinks the economy is on the down-turn? Wildrose objects to the community spirit of someone like Harley Hotchkiss? Does Wildrose stand for anything positive Dave, anything at all?

Funny looking over the comments here, you can tell the ones who have never seen the magazine. Take Fred for instance.

Poor Fred. He’s still reading with his eyes closed so he missed page three full of comments from everyday Albertans.

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