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guy boutilier goes wildrose.

After months of speculation, Independent MLA Guy Boutilier has joined the Wildrose Alliancecaucus. After 12 years as a Progressive Conservative MLA, Mr. Boutilier was ejected from the PC caucus in 2009.

The move reminded of a blog post that I wrote about some of Mr. Boutilier’s bizarre adventures as a cabinet minister.

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Good News! Now official party status with four MLA’s. Now more legislature funding.

Tomorrow Government!

Kyle, I’m sure there will still be ongoing conflict over legislative funding.
The Conservatives will continue to deny the Wildrose Alliance a leader’s allowance using the excuse that Danielle Smith isn’t in the legislature.

It shouldn’t take long for the PCs to regret their decisions in those matters. After the next election they could easily be in opposition and if that were to occur, the PCs would likely seek new leadership from outside their current caucus. Ergo they could be denied research funds via the same pathetic justification they are currently using to deny the Wild Rose funds.

Hi Guy,

I’m a past student of yours from Keyano (Grad ’89). I still admire your political ventures and loved being one of your students. congrats on turning over to Wild Rose. Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you. I am helping Russel Thomas with his upcoming run for councel. Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Congrats again on the new (again) plan for the extended care unit in Fort McMurray. It makes me very happy and excited to know we are finally getting what this town needs. (I worked with Leadership Wood Buffalo on a learning team about the Elders living spaces in FM and was discouraged when we lost the first building). I’d love to be involved again. Keep in touch. Lisa 780-743-2659 work 780-715-6707 cell

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