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alberta politics notes 6/25/2010

– The Government of Alberta is only running a $1 billion deficit, according to yesterday’s fiscal update. It is no reason to start more spending, says Finance Minister Ted Morton.
– The Wildrose Alliance are holding their Annual General Meeting this weekend in Red Deer. Read the proposed policy document here. That party is expected to launch their new website soon after the convention.
– As expected former PC MLA Guy Boutilier has joined the Wildrose caucus.
Liberal leader David Swann and some of his party’s MLAs were also in Red Deer this week, meeting with City Council and Chamber of Commerce.
Spotlight Strategies, a consulting firm with very strong ties to the PC Party, has released a new poll showing PC support is holding steady among voters.
– It is a bad week for Edmonton-Rutherford PC MLA Fred Horne. The MLA is not impressing many Albertans as he travels the province holding consultation meetings about the proposed Alberta Health Act.
– Alberta is a key part of the Federal Liberal Party‘s future, according to Michael Ignatieff.
– The final report from Alberta’s Electoral Boundaries Commission has been released. For more: commentary and the 2008 results transposed on the new maps.

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Dave, have you seen the excellent investigative series that has been running in the Calgary Herald over the past several days on the issue of workplace safety in Alberta? Titled, “Worked to Death”, it is an in-depth expose of the tragic state of affairs of OH&S in this province. I’ve been following it online, and although I had previously known things were bad, I had had no idea they were as dismal as they are.

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