the answer is blowing in the wind.

I was surprised to see my name once again grace the glorious pages of the Calgary Herald last week. When I was first named as a member of a secret political conspiracy group in the Herald a month ago, I didn’t believe the story was worth responding to on this blog, but as my name showed up again last week, I thought I’d provide my readers with a little insight into what I’ve been up to.

Since the March 2008 election, I have been involved in many political discussions and debates with a group of friends and colleagues about the best ways to achieve a more democratic, responsible, and sustainable Alberta. One of my goals is to find an effective way to help build a better Alberta by contributing to positive meaningful change for Albertans who aren’t being well served by the current government.

As seen by the Herald story, even the mention of starting a new political movement can generate a lot of interest, and that’s great, because there’s no reason why political discussions in Alberta should be limited to the traditional political parties.

Will a new political movement be created? At this point, it has yet to go beyond the stage of conversation, but you can sure bet that you will read about it again if one does.

I have been a little shocked at the way these casual chats have been blown out of proportion, as I’ve had countless conversations (generally over coffee or beer) with different people across and outside of party-lines over the past year. Their political bents vary, but they have one thing in common, they are passionate accomplished Albertans who are hungry for something better, but don’t see any of the current political parties as vehicles to create positive change.

If you’re an Albertan interested in meeting me for a coffee and conversation about creating meaningful positive change in this province, send me an email at

And remember, everything is up for debate, and I like coffee (and beer).

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