space command alberta swtiches into high gear.

Just another day for the brave men and woman defending our skies from foreign threats…

Norad alerted officials in Ottawa, who in turn got in touch with emergency officials in Alberta.

Colin Lloyd, executive director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, said they set up an emergency command centre and alerted the premier.

Lloyd said a public warning notice was about to be sent out at 10:46 a.m.

“As one of our staff was about to press the button to launch the message that would go out to members of the public alerting them of the event, we received notification from the government operations centre in Ottawa that in fact the debris had … sheared off [in] the atmosphere and was now actually in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Lloyd said it was a morning at work that he won’t forget.

UPDATE: When I first heard of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, I couldn’t help but think of another emergency management agency…

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