international mlas of mystery.

Alberta’s opposition parties are taking aim at the $300,000 summer travel bug caught by Alberta Tory MLAs.

$300,000 could be a bit a bit excessive, but I don’t have a large problem with our elected officials traveling to international conferences (if anything, there is the off-chance that some of Alberta’s Conservative MLAs might become a little more well-rounded because of it — and that would be a better thing for everyone). Though I disagree with much of this current government’s agenda, I believe that it’s important to understand the realities of the increasingly global world we are living in, and we won’t do that by cloistering our elected officials inside provincial borders.

As long as Ed Stelmach and Lloyd Snelgrove aren’t spending their time hanging out beside the hotel pool wearing speedos and sipping mohitos (there’s a mental image for the start of your week), I believe that there are a lot more obvious cases of government misspending or mismanagement that could be taken aim at.

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