coup d’état in the alberta green party.

A dramatic power struggle has erupted in the Alberta Green Party between past-Lacombe-Ponoka candidate Joe Anglin and leader George Read.

From the Green Party website:

On September 27, 2008 in Morningside Alberta, a hostile and undemocratic takeover was attempted on the Green Party of Alberta. Those responsible proposed last-minute constitutional changes, a name change, and a total transfer of power to themselves.

Though I’m sure it’s less dramatic than the media release makes it sound, I can’t say that I’m surprised that a group like Anglin’s would and could mount a take-over of the small party.

Anglin’s ‘agitate, agitate, agitate‘ style is much different than Read’s low-key leadership. After leading a group of central Alberta landowners against the construction of new transmission lines, Anglin was the most successful Green candidate in the 2008 provincial election (garnering over 20% of the vote) and has supporters from across the political spectrum in his constituency. Though a power struggle may envelope the Greens in the meantime, Anglin might just be what the Greens need to get the interest and attention of voters in Alberta.

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