campaign tweet.

– University of Alberta Professor David Kahane is involved in organizing a community conversation on climate change (h/t AGRDT)

– Alberta Senator and former PC MLA Elaine McCoy has some thoughts on climate change for Stephen Harper. (h/t Ken Chapman & James Curran)

– Billion dollar profits, but $1 billion is too much to protect Alberta’s wetlands?

– NDP leader Jack Layton will be in Edmonton on September 20. Somewhat ironically, Layton will be speaking at the Winspear Centre — named after Francis Winspear, who along with Preston Manning and Ted Byfield, was one of the founders of the Reform Party of Canada.

– Independent conservative James Ford versus official Conservative Tim Uppal in Edmonton-Sherwood Park. Outgoing MP Ken Epp blames the nomination process.

– Twittering leaders: @pmharper, @liberaltour, @jacklayton, @elizabethmay, @gillesduceppe.

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