a low-key affair.

Don Braid described it as low-key, and he was right.

The race to replace outgoing Alberta Liberal leader Kevin Taft continues to be a low-key affair as candidates Mo Elsalhy, David Swann, and Dave Taylor continue to slog away towards the December 2008 vote to lead Alberta’s Official Opposition.

The candidates received a number of endorsements over the past couple weeks. Swann received a stunning endorsement from retired Lt. General Romeo Dallaire, who said of Swann:

“There are those individuals in a society that not only recognized freely their responsibilities to their fellow humans in need and less fortunate, here and beyond our borders, but there are the exceptional individuals who actually do something concrete about it, including putting their personal resources and health towards that aim. Dr. Swann is one such person and is nothing less than exemplary and a solid citizen of the world. My confidence in him is limitless.”

Edmonton’s Poet Laureate, E.D. Blodgett has endorsed Elsalhy and Taylor has the support of former Calgary-Elbow MLA Craig Cheffins and current Calgary-Buffalo MLA Kent Hehr. Taylor also seems to be relying on support from Federal Liberal organizers — including his campaign manager, Corey Hogan, who ran Stéphane Dion‘s leadership campaign in Alberta in 2006. No word yet if Bob Rae will be stumping for Taylor.

If you’re interested in hearing more from the candidates, the Alberta Teachers’ Association will be hosting a forum on October 3. There will also be a candidates debate on the Sunday of the October 4-5 Alberta Liberal Convention in Edmonton.

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