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budget delays…

More substantive posts coming in the near future, but here is an interesting twist…

Jan, 23 2007 – 4:20 PM

EDMONTON – Finance Minister Lyle Oberg has confirmed the new Alberta budget won’t be ready until April, several weeks later than usual.

Oberg says he’s putting in place a whole new budgeting process that brings the government caucus into the decision-making process.

But, the new finance minister says this is taking some extra time even though completing the budget is now his top priority.

Oberg says Albertans shouldn’t expect to see any spending cuts in the new budget given that the province is facing an inflation rate of 4.5 percent, but he says they may curtail spending increases.

However, a budget arriving after the current fiscal year ends on March 31 means the legislature would have to approve interim financing until a new budget is passed.

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