je*d* bartlet is my homeboy.

For those of you wondering where I’ve been over the past few days of bloglessness bliss, I’ve been focusing my non-work related energies on enjoying my most recent purchase: THE COMPLETE SERIES BOXSET OF THE WEST WING.

Yes, that is correct, I, daveberta have purchased what can only be described as some of the seriously most incredible television ever to hit the shelves of Best Buy. I’m watching the series from beginning to end… still in the first season…

Ohhh. If only real politics could be like the Bartlet Whitehouse…

On another note, the Alberta PC leadership candidates will be grilled on the Arts at a forum on Monday at 12noon in front of the CBC Offices in Edmonton City Centre. Though Alberta is the richest province in Canada, it stands in the back of the line when it comes to funding for the arts. The future of Alberta’s arts communities is a very important issue and I am planning to be there to watch the candidates get grilled!

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