hard hitting issues like "if you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?"

It’s November 12 and I find myself already getting excited for Christmas. I’ve quenched this thirst with a healthy listen of the fine holiday music I’ve loaded on my iPod.

I’ve been enjoying my new investment in the West Wing Series Box Set. I haven’t seen some of these episodes in years and it’s great to watch again.

I’m going to be making a sneak appearance at the big broo-haha Alberta PC leadership candidate’s forum tonight in Edmonton so I’ll let you all know my thoughts on it. It’s really been bothering me on how much attention this race has been getting in the local media – which is fairly close to the same amount of media given to a general election (full page articles in the daily newspapers). Not to mention that the articles which are actually on issues are positioning pretty much every issue facing Albertans as “PC leadership race only,” not recognizing that the 53% of Albertans who didn’t vote Tory in the last election are dealing with these same issues.

It’s also fairly embarrassing that the daily dedicated pages are starting to include such hard hitting journalism as “If the Tory leadership candidates were dogs, what kind of dogs would they be?” and “what is your favorite food?”

As the snow continues to fall and we get deeper and deeper in to the winter dark, I’m sure I’m not going to be the only politico who is going to sigh a breath of relief when that race is over with and we can seriously start debating “real issues.”

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