it was the blog.

Really, it was only a matter of time…

Garth Turner suspended from Tory caucus
Globe and Mail Update

Outspoken Conservative MP Garth Turner has been suspended from caucus, after a motion passed citing “confidentiality concerns” on his often-controversial daily blog.

MP Rahim Jaffer, chairman of the Tories’ national caucus, made the announcement Wednesday that the suspension of Mr. Turner, who represents the Ontario riding of Halton, was the result of a unanimous vote made by both the provincial and the federal Tory caucus.

“This is something that has been culminated since Mr. Turner’s election to our caucus,” Mr. Jaffer said Wednesday at a press conference in Ottawa. He said the primary sources of concern were confidentiality matters and attacks on other party members posted on Mr. Turner’s blog.

This just in: Garth Turner may join the Green Party of Canada?

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