who’s gonna go?

DemocraticSPACE has projected delegate candidate tallies for the Federal Liberal leadership delegate selection meetings this weekend. Interesting.

In my riding of Edmonton Strathcona, the delegate candidate tallies up to:

Stephane Dion – 19
Michael Ignatieff – 15
Gerard Kennedy – 13
Martha Hall Findlay – 7
Ken Dryden – 6
Bob Rae – 6
Undecided – 5
Joe Volpe – 3
Scott Brison – 1

Now, from what I seem to remember, delegates are selected through a conveluded process that weights individual votes for delegates with votes for the leadership candidates on the same ballot once again mixed with a quota system (4 Men, 4 women, 2 male youth, 2 female youth). It seems to me that a one-member one-vote system would make things a little simpler (or a lot more complicated if Joe Volpe is still in the race…).

On another note, there was a little spiff between a couple of blogging folks (Ken and Will), with an interesting post from Duncan

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