the secret public consultation on pse?

As someone who has spent the past two years employed and immersed in the post-secondary education policy and advocacy sector, I was quite surprised to see that Human Resources and Social Development Canada is holding consultations on post-secondary education.

Now, because I don’t have a ton of official business in Ottawa it might not seem very surprising that I wasn’t the first to find out, but it wasn’t through the regular channels that I discovered the consultation – I found out on Paul Wells’ blog.

And as CFSR has pointed out, there were also no press releases informing the public or the media about the existance of the consultation which has a submission deadline of September 8.

Wells’ also noted that an acquaintance of his in the PSE sector noted to him that:

“to my knowledge no groups were notified about this consultation and no efforts have been made to publicize it.”

So, now that Wells has blown the cover of this secret public consultations, I encourage everyone to go to the consultation website, fill out the form, and tell the Government of Canada about the importance of post-secondary education.

I get the feeling that this could be a interesting topic of discussion at an upcoming post-secondary education conference I’m attending next weekend.

I give Paul Wells 100% props for bringing this public consultation to the attention of the public.

Kudos, Mr. Wells!

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