a case of red deer south?

I was a little surprised at when I heard that Innovation & Science Minister and Red Deer South MLA Victor Doerksen had resigned from the Tory cabinet yesterday and may run in the Alberta PC leadership race.

Though I had heard rumblings that Doerksen, a very social conservative MLA since 1993, was thinking about running, I was nearly convinced that he would be the first Tory MLA to endorse Ted Morton (which he also still might do).

I wonder what affect this will have on the social conservative vote that Morton seemed to have a near monopoly on? (As an MLA, Doerksen has advocated for the ban of liturature such as “Of Mice and Men” from schools).

Will this split Ted Morton’s presumed support on the first ballot? Does Doerksen have what it takes to draw enough of the disgruntled right to his side?

The 1992 PC leadership race saw three main social conservative Christian candidates – then-Edmonton Parkallen MLA Doug Main, then-Red Deer South MLA John Oldring, and former Social Credit candidate Lloyd Quantz.

So, not only is Doerksen the second outed social conservative candidate of the race – but it is also at least the second time an Alberta PC leadership candidate has also been the MLA for Red Deer South. Interesting…

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