back with a vengence.

Following my triumphant return to Edmonton last Friday, I have a couple of things to say about Lethbridge:

– It’s windy.
– The Lethbridge Lodge is very nice.
– The people in Lethbridge are better looking than the people in Calgary 😉
– The University of Lethbridge has a nice campus (and a very very long hallway).
– It’s windy.

There also seems to be a semblance of political diversity in this fine southern Alberta municipality… Here are the results from the two Lethbridge ridings in the 2004 Provincial General Election (results from Elections Alberta)…

Lethbridge East
Bridget Pastoor, Alberta Liberal5,338 (41%)
Rod Fong, Alberta PC4,703 (37%)
Brian Stewart, Alberta Alliance1,472 (12%)
Gaye Metz, Alberta NDP606 (5%)
Erin Matthews, Alberta Greens360 (3%)
Darren Popik, Social Credit252 (2%)
(turnout: 48.4%)

Lethbridge West
Clint Dunford, Alberta PC – 4,411 (41%)
Bal Boora, Alberta Liberal – 3,639 (33%)
Mark Sandilands, Alberta NDP – 1,357 (12%)
Merle Terlesky, Alberta Alliance – 913 (8%)
Andrea Sheridan, Alberta Greens – 385 (3%)
Scott Sawatsky, Social Credit – 375 (3%)
(turnout: 45.5%)

Just for fun, when you combine the total party vote between Lethbridge East and Lethbridge West, here’s what the results look like:

Alberta PC – 9,114 (38%)
Alberta Liberal – 8,977 (38%)
Alberta Alliance – 2,385 (10%)
Alberta NDP – 1,963 (8%)
Alberta Greens – 745 (3%)
Social Credit – 627 (3%)

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