the mob wanted harlem back. they got taft…up to here.

Last Wednesday, I was a guest at Alberta Liberal leader Kevin Taft‘s annual Leader’s Dinner Fundraiser. It was a great event with over 300 people attending.

There was lots of energy in the room that night as supporters, former and present MLA’s, municipal politicians, and even a number of Lougheed-era Cabinet Ministers chatted and socialized while the Oilers/Sharks game 6 played on the two big screens in the room.

Also, Taft gave one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard him give.

Klein’s exit hands Libs rare opportunity
Their ‘Alberta Horizons‘ campaign steals the march on Tory leadership hopefuls
Graham Thomson, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The sun is hot, the beer is cold, the Oilers are very much in the playoffs. Can springtime in Edmonton get any better than this?
Considering how far we are into the post-season, our boys of winter are becoming our boys of summer.

Consequently, my usual skepticism has disappeared faster than the Calgary Flames. I am finding it difficult to muster the usual grumpiness necessary to write a political column. My high horse is riderless. I am out of a snit.

There is a sense of optimism in the barbecue-scented air. Come to think of it, that sense of anticipation is everywhere, and it doesn’t just have to do with the Oilers.

It even permeates Alberta politics. Read the rest here…

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