edmonton strathcona, please?

I really wasn’t sure how I felt about this a couple of weeks ago, but as nic said, this takes guts…

Gerard Kennedy, one of eight Toronto-based candidates for the Liberal leadership, says he’s willing to consider seeking a federal seat in western Canada. “I’m not closed-minded to that at all,” the former Ontario education minister said in an interview.

While running in the West would be risky, Kennedy cast himself as a risk taker. He is the only one of the 11 candidates who actually had to give up his current job to run for the leadership, a sacrifice he called “a pretty modest thing to do.”

“This is what I’m advocating as a sort of attitude for the party and the country. We need to be enterprising . . . and you don’t get anything good to happen unless you take some risks.” Read the rest here…

Coming soon, my thoughts on the Federal Liberal leadership race…

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