and the alberta exodus begins…

Stelmach leaves cabinet post to seek leadership

Last updated Mar 21 2006 12:44 PM MST
CBC News

Alberta’s intergovernmental affairs minister is resigning from cabinet to run for the leadership of the Tory party although Premier Ralph Klein has said he plans to stay for another two years.

Ed Stelmach says he is stepping down at this early date because of Klein’s directive that any contenders for his job should leave a cabinet posting by June 1 to prevent any conflict of interest. Stelmach isn’t saying when his own campaign will get underway, and wants to be extra careful to avoid any measure of impropriety. Read le rest ici.

I should start a prediction pool to see who’ll be next. Any takers?

After thoughts – Who do you think will replace Stelmach as Intergovernmental Affairs Minister when he resigns? My prediction is George Rogers – MLA for Leduc-Beaumont-Devon, former Mayor of Leduc, and former President of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. Though he has more of a municipal government background, I could see him being a good fit for this ministry.

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