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It’s been a busy week here in the land of daveberta!

First, we’re still intrigued by Gerard Kennedy and have sent him an email urging him to think about running for the Federal Liberal leadership (it may force us to renew our lapsed membership).

Second, on Monday afternoon, we joined a couple hundered other Univeristy of Albertans in listening to a lecture by the always articulate and wonderful Stephen Lewis. This was the third time we’ve seen Mr. Lewis speak and he did not disappoint. He was just as moving and powerful as the first two times.

Third, we recieved our “Ralphbucks”/rebate/prosperity/screw-you-Canada cheque yesterday. Woopie! $400. Though we still think it’s a pretty irresponsible way of using tax-payers dollars, we will gladly take it (we’re planning to donate at least half to charity).

Fourth, yesterday, we met with the former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden and current Swedish Ambassador to Brazil, Margareta Winberg. She was on campus speaking in the Arts building to a group of about 12 people. She was speaking Swedish at least 90% of the time, so we didn’t understand most of what she had to say.

Fifth, we’re now addicted to the wonderful Aqua Teen Hunger Force. We blame Henderson.

That is all. You may now continue your day.

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