our very own kennedy.

Though there has been much talk about potential Liberal leadership candidates since Paul Martin’s abdication on January 23rd, there has been one name that has intrigued us: Gerard Kennedy.

Though we’d never heard of Kennedy before our good friend Bart wrote about him, we must admit that so far we like what we hear.

Being a strong centre-left Ontario MPP (for Parkdale-High Park) and Provincial Minister of Education, Kennedy could off an interesting alternative to the centre-right business Liberal leadership candidates (Stronach, Brison, etc).

Here are some of the things we find appealing about him…

– He’s young (mid-40’s – not a senior citizen) and bilingual.

– He was born in Manitoba, attended the Universities of Trent and Alberta.

– He founded the Edmonton Food Bank before moving on to join the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto. He was the Executive Director of this Food Bank for ten years.

– He placed a strong second to Dalton McGuinty in the last Ontario Liberal Leadership race.

– He could add fresh blood and energy into the leadership race.

– He was not attached to the former Martin or Chrétien regimes.

This race needs strong candidates with liberal credentials. Mr. Kennedy may just be the person to offer those credentials.

We hope he strongly considers putting his hat in to the ring.

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