enlightened election commentary…

…but not ours.

Here are some enlightening Canadian election related comments from the BBC interactive website

“I am not sure Canada has made the right choice, but for certain Canadians can be thankful for their proportional representation. Your system is much better suited than ours for keeping one party from dominating the political agenda, and ensuring that the voice of the minority gets a fair hearing. It’s also easier to get rid of a bad PM than a bad president.

M G, Riverside, CA, United States”

“I’m quite surprised to see how many Americans see the result of this election as a wish of Canadians to ‘relink’ with the US. Some might see Harper mainly as a pro-American, but for many Canadians he’s a change from the corrupted party and wants to give back power to the provinces. Many were fed up with the Liberals wanting to keep all the power and the money in Ottawa. Believe it or not, America is not the only thing we have on our mind when we vote.

V Page, Montreal, Qc, Canada”

“Kudos to alienated Westerners and ignorant hicks for electing a leader who campaigned with the same conservative rhetoric heard worldwide: lower taxes, smaller government, and, of course, get tough on crime. However, if anyone actually looked at his election ‘promises’ and the fiscal numbers Harper and his cronies throw around, it becomes evident that he desires to short-change the Canadian people by dramatically cutting services across the board, except the military of course.

Jeff Baylis, Ottawa”

“The razor-thin minority the Conservatives have garnered in Canada will not be enough to allow these Prairie Taliban to unleash their reactionary policies upon us. Harper is little more than a Bush stooge, albeit reigned in by the enlightened liberal factions that will keep things in check. This government will inevitably collapse in 10 to 18 months, as most minority governments do.

Andy Araujo, Toronto, Canada”

And from CNN

“We are glad to see that Canadians have values-voters too,” said Bob Morrison of the Family Research Council, a Washington-based group opposed to abortion and gay marriage. “We can be optimistic about the end of the social engineering as driven by the Martin government.”

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