daveberta: reflections on the elections.

With the exception of recounts, Election 2006 has ended.

The results of this LONG election has left us with some thoughts and comments… here they are…

1. Edmonton Strathcona – A strong second for NDP candidate Linda Duncan. She did amazingly well for a federal NDP candidate in Alberta and her 17,142 were only eclipsed by Conservative Rahim Jaffer‘s 21,956.

Here are the results…

Rahim Jaffer, Conservative – 21,956
Linda Duncan, NDP – 17,142
Andy Hladyshevsky, Liberal – 9385
Cameron Wakefield, Green – 3,128
Mike Fedeyko, PC – 604
Dave Dowling, MP – 455
Kevan Hunter, ML – 106

Mr. Jaffer has accomplished what seemed nearly impossible for an incumbent Conservative candidate in Alberta during this election; he received less than 50% of the popular vote. Congratulations on bumping the trend, Mr. Jaffer.

2. Edmonton Centre – Well, we’re disappointed that Anne McLellan was defeated, though we’re not at all surprised (we wouldn’t have been surprised either way).

As we’ve mentioned before we don’t think it’s in the best interests of Albertans to send 28 Tory MP’s to Ottawa, just as we believed it wasn’t in the best interests of Ontarians to send 100 Liberal MP’s to Ottawa throughout the 1990’s.

It was interesting to see that as the Liberal vote across the province collapsed, Anne McLellan was able to hold nearly the same 22,000 votes she received in 2004. But alas, more voters turned out and voted for Conservative Laurie Hawn.

We must say that after watching the victory and concession speeches of both McLellan and Hawn, that they were both very classy and gracious. We’ll miss you, Anne.

Congrats to the hard working campaign teams on both sides of this battle royal. You’ve both proved that a thing called “electoral competition” can really exist in Alberta.

3. Peace River – Independent candidate Bill Given garnerd over 20% of the vote against rookie Tory candidate Chris Warkentin.

4. Minority Government – As we mentioned in our previous post, we are pleased with the set up of the next parliament. Though the possible coalition combinations are interesting, we’re hoping that this Parliament won’t end up being a bickerfest like the previous one.

Plus, it will do the Liberal Party of Canada wonders to spend some time in opposition.

5. Stephen Harper – The first thing we think of when we look at him is “cold oatmeal.”

Prime Minister Oatmeal.

6. Surprises to us… – 10 Tory MP’s from Quebec!?! What? Liberal MP Reg Alcock losing his seat? Peggy Nash in Parkdale-High Park? Keith Martin re-elected? Jean Lapierre re-elected? The Tories getting spanked in BC? Tony Clement actually winning?!?! what?

7. Liberal Leadership – Paul Martin’s resignation… wow, we were giving him until Friday to do it, but geez… we’re not really impressed with the list of potential candidates. So far, it looks like a group of “has-beens:” Joe Volpe, Maurizo Bevilacqua, John Manley, Frank McKenna… Michael Ignatieff looks interesting, but the jury is still out.

Though lately we’ve heard a rumour of an awesome Alberta candidate…

At the Liberal caucus is meeting this week, will they decide to appoint an Interim Leader? If so, who? We like Stephane Dion. 🙂

8. Us. Uh, yes, us. It’s been an interesting election to comment on and we had some interesting oppurtunities to do so… whether it was arguing/debating with c-lo every morning at work, commenting on the CityTV political panel, or writing commentary on the BBC website, it was fun. Hopefully they’ll be another one of these in 18 months…

This is all we have now, but we’ll post more thoughts as they pop into our collective minds…

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