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Come the end of December/beginning of January (when we have time), we plan to put on our policy analysis hats and dissect some of the federal election promises.One policy area close to our hearts (and résumé), post-secondary education policy, was the highlight of today’s NDP campaign.

Jack Layton announced today that his party plans to “restore what he estimates was $4-billion in cuts to post-secondary education made by the Liberals in the 1990s” by “scrapping the corporate tax cuts the Liberals announced in this fall’s fiscal update.

This call by Mr. Layton, not surprisingly, jives with the Canadian Federation of Students’ Restore the Four” campaign… imagine that… what a coincidence…

Mr. Layton wasn’t clear on where in the system the $4 billion investment would be directed: Federal-Provincial Transfer, student debt relief, scholarships, grants, research, etc?

Though it’s not as nice as the $7 to $8 Billion PSE transfer promised by Prime Minister Paul Martin during the 2004 Great Canadian Job Interview in St. John’s, it seems a positive commitment to post-secondary education in Canada.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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