i’m going to jackson…

ahhh. the joys of the near end of the week….

Since the fall of the government this week, we’ve saturated this blog with nothing much more than election related posts. Now, we will continue with all the good Edmonton-related campaign gossip, we have some very very important updates to post.

a. We’ve now seen the movie Walk the Line twice. For those of you who don’t know, Walk the Line is an epic story of the life of the great Johnny Cash. Us, being HUGE JC fans, loved the movie. The movie covered the life of Johnny from the time as a young boy in Dyess, Arkansas though to his first marriage to his eventual engagement with June Carter. It was entertaining, the music was awesome, and it only enhanced our desire to listen to more Johnny Cash music.

Here is a list of the Johnny Cash CD’s we own:

1. At San Quentin
2. America IV: The Man Comes Around
3. At Folsom Prison
4. The Essential Johnny Cash
5. 16 Biggest Hits

We also have the movie posters on the wall in our office. 😛 GO SEE THE MOVIE!

b. It’s almost Christmas! Crazy! We took our Christmas Tree out of the basement last night (it looks like this).

c. We’ve finally started to return to our normal sleeping patterns after 2 extremely stressful weeks of 2-3 hour nightly sleeps…. sleeping is so nice.

d. Okay, maybe this IS an election related point (or letter…), but we’re seriously not sure who we’re going to vote for in this election. In the last election, we voted Liberal (we were in Edmonton CentreAnne McLellan‘s riding – we’re now in Edmonton Strathcona), but this time around we’re really not sure. The more and more time we spend reading and writing reports on policy issues ranging from environmental assessment to pipelines to post-secondary education, we have really come to the realization that we are not very happy with the way things are going in these areas.

Now, perhaps some people may shake their heads for hearing this and say “duh, daveberta,” but it’s not like this is a sudden revelation to us, it’s something that’s been troubling us for quite some time. So, like responsible citizens, we will take a good hard look at the party policies, local candidates, party leaders and their performances, and come January 23, we’ll show up and fulfill our civic responsibility.

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